How-to my first year book

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. But making a “my first year book” for your baby can actually be quite fun. To help you out a little we’ve created this list of things to write about and photo tips to make it a little easier.

About your pregnancy:

How did you tell your significant other
How did you tell family?
Any early symptoms or cravings?Pictures of mom while pregnant

Birth story:

What time did you head to the hospital?
How did you get to the hospital?
Were you admitted right away, or did they send you home for a bit?
How were your interactions with the nurses?
What did you do to facilitate/get through labor?
Medical stats and timeline
Weight and length
Hospital room/bed
Baby’s hospital bracelet
First pictures
First meeting with siblings

Milestones during the first year:

Coming home
Fingers and toes
First bath
First diaper accident
First meeting with grandparents
Cute pjs
Baby sleeping on mom and dad
First finger squeeze
First smile
First laugh
Rolling over
Sitting up
First tooth
First tastes
Favorite foods
First words