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Sweet summer memories

January 1, 1970

Beach days, barbecues, flowers, freckles and ice creams and much, much more that all deserve more than being forgotten on your phone or in your camera. Time to get cracking on your Summer of 22' photo books to make sure all your sweet summer memories aren’t forgotten.

So, summer went by too quick, yet again. Are you the type of person who can’t wait for autumn, with all its woolly sweaters and hot cups of tea? Or are you lying in a heap on the floor refusing to move until the thermometer reads 25° Celsius (77° Fahrenheit) again? Either way, we’re sure your phone is filled to bursting with a ton of sweet summer memories.

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Here come a few tips on how to build your sweet summer photo book:

Why not invite a bunch of friends over and make your books together. That way you can help each other out, maybe send photos to one another and you’ll probably have a great time together too.

We know we go on and on about adding captions, but they really are a great way to capture those little details that make the can make your memories so much more vivid and meaningful.

If you the kind of person who loves to write, we can really recommend writing a long text for each month summarizing all your adventures.

Add all kind of photos, a photo of say a room, a not-so-perfect-view or your food may seem a bit boring but those kinds of photos can really help take you back and help your memories to come alive.

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