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Take her picture

1 January 1970

Sometimes it can feel hard, asking for someone to take your photo. That why we created the contract. A fun and easy way to remind people around you, that you want to be in the photo too.

This summer we want to encourage everyone to take her picture. If you are a mom, know a mom, have a mom. Take her picture. Don’t hesitate, don’t think twice, just do it. We’re one hundred percent sure that she’ll thank you for it later!

Be the kind of friend, partner, or sibling who captures the moms you know with their kids – in everyday life and on big occasion – and make sure there are all kinds of photos of her. Capture her essence and make sure that she gets to be a visible part of her own story! Need help remembering? Check out our contract!

“I don't want to be the mom who, later in life, is trying to find herself in the photos. I want to remember being in the moments, and having it documented!”

Here are a few tips on how to get mom in the picture:


Ask if she’d like her picture taken


Don’t ask if she’d like her picture taken – just take it


When mom gets everyone together for a photo, make sure to change places with her, so she gets one with herself in it. Or even better, help her set up a timer!