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12 ways to decorate your home with prints

1 January 1970

Pimp your wall with some printed photos. Here are 12 ways you can display your favorite memories on your wall and make your home even more homey.


Cork board wall

Hang a cork board on your wall and pin or tack your prints onto it.


Coffee table prints

Place your prints in a beautiful box on your coffee table for easy access to share all your precious memories with friends and family.

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Washi tape

Create a collage with printed photos using colorful washi tape. It adds a playful touch and you change it up easily.


String and clips

Hang a twine or string across the wall and use mini clothespins to clip your photos to the string.

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Classic frames

Put your prints in frames and hang in a grid or irregular pattern.


Cupboard display

Display your prints leaned against the wall on a cuboard for a casual look. Layer with some bigger art in the background to add more depth.

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Casually lean your prints against the wall on top of a shelf. Maybe add some books under the print to add the extra touch.


String and lights

Hang a string light across your wall and clip your prints to the string. A perfect nightlight with sweet memories to fall asleep to.

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Clips or clipboards

Clip your prints onto to a string shelf or a clipboard. It makes it easy to change and switch out the photos.


Pegboard display

Use a pegboard to hold your prints and make a creative memory board. Perfect to have in your office to keep your memories close.

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Girland of photos

Hang your prints on a string to make a perfect detail to your home that will make you smile every time you pass it.


Bulletin Board

Hang a bulletin on the wall and use pegs or hooks to hang your prints along with other decorative items.

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