Thomas built his A-frame cabin from scratch

And he’s let us in on how he did it by creating a photo book about it!

In the middle of nowhere

The town Norrsjön, where Thomas grandfather was born, lies between deep woods and high mountains. And it was right here Thomas decided to build his small cabin, in a secluded area right next to a crystal clear lake. The small A-frame cabin is a complimentary sleep cabin to allow for more guests, while the main cabin is still the original from over more than one hundred years ago.

The best and hardest thing about building your own cabin

“The best thing is, without a doubt, the fact that I learned so much by building it myself and that it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to,” says Thomas. He continues, “The hardest part was probably designing the inside of the cabin, with built-in beds and smart storage.”

Thomas's best tips to build a cabin:

  • Try to find out as much as you can about the particular sort of cabin you’re planning to build.

  • Don’t cheat or take short cuts with the foundation.

  • Build something out of the ordinary.

His best tips on creating a book about a project:

  • Re-create the feeling that you had when you were doing your project.

  • Show the whole process, not just the nice and pretty but the nitty-gritty as well.