Create balance in your photography

A lot of us want to capture memories from when life is at its best. Imagine your camera roll after a wedding, graduation or vacay. Pretty much to choose from, eh? Exactly as it should be!

However, we want to remind you to capture the everyday life as well. To create a balance between the big moments and what life is mostly made up of. Because if you only remember to take photos when life is at it’s best, you might risk depicting a pretty skewed and distorted view of reality that neither you or your loved ones completely recognise when looking back in the future.

“Did we always have that much fun? Did we never fight? Was there always a party?”, your kids might wonder when looking back through the year books when they’ve been around for a while.

Discover the magic of the recurring moments and preserve them. Then your story will be true and you will realize what makes it so special.

Everyday moments to capture:

  • The tooth brushing. A routine that looks different in every family. In one household a kid sits on a lap, another parent has to hold a kid’s head and in a third family everyone walks around while brushing their teeth. Capture your routine.

  • When the kids are getting dressed. Mismatched socks and an inside out sweater. Every child had an inner stylist, let’em loose! Here you can find pride, joy and frustrations, along with other things.

  • Moments at the dinner table. Talking about the day. Someone’s saying something silly. Or the frustration when your three-year-old suddenly decides that her favorite dish no longer makes the cut. So much interaction that deserves to be remembered.

  • School drop-off and pick-ups. What did the way there look like? What did you pass? Routines that feel boring now, can mean a lot when you look back on them.

  • Homework. Needless to say there can be a lot of emotions here. Everything from pride and joy to anger and frustration.

  • Playtime. Remember to capture the happiness, focus and creativity behind pillow-fort-building, football in the livingroom and every single piece of lego architecture.

  • Bedtime stories. Peak cosiness!