5 crazy creative photo books

...until now, that is.

Here are five different, cool and awesome Once Upon books to help you think outside the box when you’re putting together your own photo book.

The Kid’s Perspective Book

Sometimes a kid’s perspective is exactly what’s needed. Though they might not catch you from the best angle, why not let your little one borrow the camera for a while? Maybe for a day or your next family outing. Then, you can sit down together helping them make their very own Once Upon book, adding their stories to the photos they’ve captured and reliving the moments through their eyes.

The Garden Book

Turn your garden into the perfect coffee table book. That’s what Karin (@karin_at_home) did. Actually, her garden book became so popular that she’s ordered over 100 copies for her family, friends and followers.

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The Drawings Book

Who actually keeps all 7623982 drawings that your kids make? Anyone? Some of them you sneak into the garbage without flinching, but some are quite fantastic and hilarious. So, you do want to keep them, but where? Well, Emma Rydh has the answer for you. Take a photo of those drawings that your little artist is extra proud of - and collect them all in a Once Upon book. Now you don’t have to feel bad about losing (secretly throwing away) your kid’s drawings!

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The Portfolio Book

Do you paint? Make pottery? Sculpt? Crochet? Make jewelry? Maria Wigge, an amazing artist, found a perfect way to document all her artwork even after they’ve sold. How? By saving photos of them in a Once Upon book of course. “This way I can follow my own development as an artist” says Maria.

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The Before-And-After Book

There is something so incredibly satisfying about before and after photos, right? Caroline Edlund (@thevanofmydreams) had the same idea and made a Once Upon book about remodeling an old van. Looking back at photos from when she first bought the van, to all the hours spent building, to the super cozy mobile home it finally became, must feel pretty amazing.

Aren’t these books just fantastic ideas? You don’t always have to make the traditional photo albums (though we love those!). You can think outside the box and come up with so many fun and creative photo books to make for you and your loved ones.