Co-create with friends and family image

Co-create with friends and family

Co-creating photo books is the easiest way to get everyone’s photos and stories in your book. You can simply invite your friends to you photo book and then start saving memories together!

Get everyone’s story into the book

Instead of sharing photos and making one person do the whole book, co-create your photo book to really capture everyone’s photos and stories.

Let someone else 
do the writing

Are you more of a photo person than a writer? Invite your partner, family or friends to do the writing!

Strengthen your relationship

When we look at photos of memories we’ve shared together, we strengthen our relationship. Imagine what a photo book you made together will do!

Share your book with others

You might want to share the book with someone to let them look through it instead of editing it yourself, or just share it so they can order their own copy.

Capture every angle of the story

Capture every angle of the story

Everyone has their own version of the story. Even if you’re on the same trip, attend the same wedding or eat a dinner together – everyone will remember it a little different and have photos from different angles. Save and remember everyone’s version of the story effortlessly when you make your photo book together!

And when you invite your friends to co-create this summer, you'll get 20% off.

Capture every angle of the story

My friends and I did our travel book together, it was so easy and so much fun to see everyone's different perspectives!

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Want to try it? This is how


Start a photo book


Click the co-create symbol (up to the right)


Invite friends with your unique link


Co-create your book!


Make a year book together

We all know the hassle of sending photos too well: you have to ask for the photos, make sure you get all the ones you want and then it’s also making sure the resolution isn’t crappy after. Well, that’s where co-creating comes in handy! When you invite your partner or other family members to your year book everyone can add their photos and captions directly in the book.


Travelling together with friends?

If you are planning or already went on a trip with your best friends, you’re gonna have a lot of photos – on many different phones. 

Instead of trying to make a shared album or sending over photos, make a photo book together. You can start the book on your first day of travelling, adding all of your memories into the photo book bit by bit. This way all the juicy, funny and incredibly silly moments will be remembered, forever.

Capture everyone's story in your photo book