New font style unlocked = endless photo book possibilities

Have you ever looked at your Once Upon book and thought ”I love it, but gosh darn it that title would look awesome in a thinner font”. Okay, so maybe that exact thought hasn’t crossed your mind but, now it can! Because we’re finally introducing a slimmer font for all you cool cats out there who just aren’t down with the thicker option.

Two awesome designs to choose from, how cool is that? All it takes is a simple tap and the app will switch between two font designs for you, allowing you to choose which typeface suits the story you want to tell. What are you waiting for, let your creativity run wild and give it a whirl!

Don’t worry though, we love our original design and wouldn’t change it for the world. You will always be able to order our classic design, now, you just have a few layout and font options to choose from. And to make sure that your collection always looks good on your shelf, we’re keeping the same font on the spine, no matter which one you choose for your title.