Emma’s impressive collection of photo books

Emma is one of our most creative Once Uponers, with 25 photo books (!!!) in her bookshelves, and two in the making. So, you could totally call her a Once Upon photo book expert!

Emma’s pro tips to create a photo book

My tips for creating a Once Upon book, well, first do a little at a time. It can feel a little overwhelming if you think that you have to go through all your photos in one go. But with that said, don’t wait too long to finish them because then you might not get around to it. Another tip is to remember that you can make a book about anything and be playful, the books you cherish the most are usually the ones that are a bit unexpected.


Take both close-ups and photos from a distance.
Always take more pictures than you think you need.
Do the book and then go back and tweak it. Perhaps add a story to the pictures.

Emma's Next Once Upon book

I’ll be making a Once Upon book with my own childhood memories and photos, so they don’t end up stuck in an old box forever. That's the best thing about Once Upon, you save your memories in a place you can easily enjoy them any day, any time. The books are so easy to make too and always look good – I really don’t think you can fail!