It's time to bring old memories to life

Most of us have tons of developed old photos forgotten in boxes in the attic, from when you were young, but maybe even from when your parents were young. Why not give them new life in a photo book? The possibilities are endless.

Three tips when taking photos of photos

Turn off the flash, or your new photos might get ugly specks and glare dots. Also avoid direct sunlight which casts hard shadows. Normal daylight by a window is perfect!

Think scrapbooking. Lay out an old cloth or a roll of wallpaper, and try scattering out you photos, if you don’t want them in a specific order, which is fine too of course. Decorate with details from that specific era, like your grandmother's old hairpin, a pearl necklace or your grandad's old cufflinks.

Don’t be afraid to go a little crazy and try different things. Take pictures from above as well from different angles, to give yourself a variety of photos.

Why not make the photo book as a gift for your parents or grandparents? Not only is it super fun gift to make. It’s also a chance to see them in a new lighting. Almost like giving them a ticket to travel back in time, the perfect way for them to relieve some of their sweetest memories.