How to make a year book bit by bit

2024 is the year you’re becoming the photo book person you always dreamed you could be. Rather than waiting until December to compile your year-in-review photo book, you start at the beginning of the year – adding memories bit by bit. This way you will enjoy the process, get better at capturing moments, and have an absolutely unique story ready to order at the end of the year. Here’s how you do it:

Set a schedule

Sign up for our newsletter and you’ll get a quick reminder the last Sunday of the month to add your memories to your photo book. Or if you’d rather add every week, you can set an alarm on your phone each Sunday night!

Write down the small details

It’s so much easier to remember what someone said or how something made you feel if you write it down right away. Don’t worry too much about spelling or correct sentences. Before you order the book you can edit your little in-the-moment notes a bit, if needed.

Capture the everyday chaos

You will always remember the special occasions, because, duh, they’re special. But don’t forget to capture the everyday moments – a family dinner, a spontaneous outing, or a quiet moment on the couch. These candid shots will bring you a warm and fuzzy feeling looking through your year book.

Do it with friends

Encourage your friends to do their own 2024 year book bit by bit too – keeping each other accountable is a great way to get things done!

Cherish the memories

When the year comes to a close, or whenever you feel your photo book is complete, order the book – and then you’re in for a treat. Holding your memories in your hands and reliving those moments over and over again – well, there’s nothing quite like it.