6 tips: How to capture genuine moments on camera

”Say cheese and strike a pose!” Of course, we ask people to pose for the camera sometimes too. But how do you capture the genuine moments without interrupting the magic? Friends laughing so much they’re crying, nana caressing the cheek of a grandbaby or someone who is completely captivated by what they are doing.

Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Be discreet. Don’t interrupt the moment and take your photo from a distance when the people you want to capture are busy doing something else.

  • Focus on feelings and interactions. A laugh, a hug, a cheeky smile or a thoughtful expression. It gives you genuine portraits that capture people's personalities.

  • Appreciate the simple things. Capture the moments that define your everyday life. Like cooking together, reading stories or putting the kids to bed.

  • Include the things that aren’t picture perfect. Life is messy, so capture it all. Dirty dishes, laundry, or a floor full of toys. They’re all part of the story, that give an honest depiction of what your life looks like. It’s all part of your story.

  • Use burst mode and take a few pictures of the same situation. That’ll give you more chances to really capture the feeling in the moment.

  • Don’t over-edit your photos, you might lose the genuine feel of them.

Spontaneous photos let us relive things over and over again and remind us to be present in the moment. So don’t direct and stage your memories, just try to capture them as they are.

And remember there are other ways of capturing memories to – incase you don’t have you camera close or if you just want to be in the moment.

You can always write a about it afterwards. Or ask everyone what they remember about it all or why not get the kids to draw a drawing of it (or even draw something yourself). Some moments you manage to catch on camera and some you don't, but there's always a way to help yourself remember them and it doesn't always have to be a photo.