A year of flowers

If you’ve ever planted a seed, looked after it, and watched it grow, you know it’s about as close to magic as you’ll ever get. You’ll also know that gardening tends to get a tad obsessive and that your seedlings become your babies. There are plenty of ways to capture the gardening season, but the best way is of course saving all of it in a Once Upon book. Here are a few tips on making your very own flower book.

How to flower book

  • Take photos from the start, it’s the best way to document what you’ve actually grown. Start with taking photos of your seeds, both the actually seeds and their packaging and either write their name in a caption or make sure it’s in the photo.

  • Why not write down when you planted your seeds? All seeds need a different amount of time to grow. Write down when you started, when you planted them outside and how long it took for them to bloom. That way you can look back and adjust if needed next year.

  • Keep taking photos as your babies grow. From when first heart shaped leaves appear until full bloom.

  • Write down where in your garden you grew all your different kinds of flowers. All flowers are different and like different amount of sun, water and even the soil makes a difference. Maybe you have a favorite flower, but it didn’t grow as well as you hoped? Try moving it to a different spot. Which is much easier when you know where you had them last year.

  • Document all your bouquets and from early spring to late fall and watch them change over the season. Write down little reminder which have long sturdy stems, which ones have a long vase life. So you can look back next season and see what you want to grow again and what you need to add for the perfect bouquet. Different types of grass and other greens aren’t always the most fun to pick out in the beginning of the season, but they can be the difference between a pretty bouquet and a fabulous one. And don’t forget to write why down who and why you made the bouquet, even if it was just for you.

  • But don’t forget all your other flower arrangements, like fall wreaths, Amaryllises and Hyacinths and all your Christmas flower decorations.

There you have it. A year of flowers, the perfect way to look back...and the perfect book to help you plan the next year!