Do you take a lot of pictures with your smartphone? The founder of Once Upon, Lina Andersson, does. One day, Lina realized that her third child, Sally, didn’t have a single photo book from the first three years of her life. Yet she had so many pictures of her in her smartphone, pictures she had never done anything with. How could this be? Wasn’t there any simple tool out there to help her with this? A way to take care of all the images accumulated in her phone? Lina likes photo books, but not the way they are created: A long time after the pictures were taken, on the computer and with complex layout programs.

Lina has a background in civil engineering, with a specialty on ergonomic design. Her most recent job has been as a producer at North Kingdom, an international company, which develops digital services, experiences and products.

With her knowledge and experience in both digital and physical product development, Lina was able to start sketching out a solution. She then presented the idea to her bosses at North Kingdom to see if they would believe in it… And they did! Together with an external investor, a new company was created and named Once Upon Publishing AB . During the fall of 2016, Once Upon started to come to life: A new way of creating photo books.




Since then, a team of developers, UX-designers, visual designers and creatives, has worked together with the development and testing of an app, striving towards a common goal: To create an app that makes it easy and fun to save your memories. Once Upon helps you remember.

Do you want to work with us? We are always interested in meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Once Upon Publishing AB is partially financed by an innovation fund with support from the European Union.